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Can I use PlatoAtlas on Microsoft Edge Chromium?
Last Updated 2 years ago

With Microsoft's Support for Internet Explorer due to end on 15 June 2022, PlatoAtlas V10 is fully tested on Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Deprecated older Versions prior to V10 should not be used and are not tested on Microsoft Edge Chromium.


The PlatoAtlas Typing Worksheet needs an ActiveX control to automate Microsoft Word. Since ActiveX controls are not supported in Microsoft Edge, PCs using the Worksheet need to open the PlatoAtlas URL in Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode provided by Microsoft for this purpose.

IE Compatibility Mode can be activated using customers' Group Policies or other Enterprise deployment mechanisms. See detailed Microsoft Instructions here:

For Testing Purposes:

You can activate a temporary Local Site List for IE mode on a Test machine using the following instructions. Note that some of these processes have changed in recent months; these instructions are current as at March 2022:

1) In Edge, go to URL edge://settings/defaultbrowser

2) Set "Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer Mode" to Allow 


3) Visit the PlatoAtlas URL and click the Settings ellipsis at top right of Edge window: the option to Reload in Internet Explorer Mode is now visible. 


When this option is selected, the URL reopens in IE Mode. Note the option to open the URL in IE mode on future visits: when used, this setting lasts for 30 days, long enough for testing until the URL is added to your Group Policy or similar.


With default Edge settings, in Plato's testing the ActiveX control loads and PlatoAtlas Typing Worksheet works as expected. 

Group Policies preventing ActiveX Installation/activation

If your organization has other policies or restrictions in place, the ActiveX may be prevented from installing or loading, as was also true for IE depending on customer Group policies. As Plato tech personnel are not experts at custom policy settings, customer policy experts would be best placed to determine settings needed to allow ActiveX to install or load.

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